Intelligent Battery Brochure
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Intelligent Battery products include O2Micro's Battery Management Unit (BMU), Analog Front End (AFE), Battery Gauge and Adapter/Charger, highly integrated mixed signal ICs designed with Cool Battery Technology®. This family of battery and power management products provide next generation, safe battery management for mobile applications such as smart phones, notebook PCs, tablets, power tools, electric bikes, Electric Vehicles (Battery EV, Hybrid EV, Light EV), Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and other rechargeable battery-powered products, enabling longer battery operating time.

Patented BMU ICs offer cell balancing architecture and protection mechanisms to ensure the highest level of safety.

O2Micro also supplies Battery Charge controllers that provide complete solutions to ensure safe operation of Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), Li-Polymer, Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and lead acid (PbA) battery packs, and long battery life.

BMU, AFE and GAUGE ICs (with cell balance)


  • High power BMU family - 3 to 13 cells
  • Highly integrated battery pack monitor and protection
  • Safe battery operation - any chemistry
  • Cell balancing
  • Voltage, current and temperature monitor
  • AFE-Ultra low standby current - 4 to 7 cells
  • Cell balancing - internal and external
  • 25mA LDO, power for micro controllers
  • High accuracy Battery Gauge with protection functions
  • SBS compliant, serial communications
  • Safe operation for Li-Ion and Li-Polymer batteries
  • Temperature sensors
  • Monitors individual cell and terminal voltages
CELL MONITORS, BMUs and GAUGES (without cell balance)


  • Protection/Monitor ICs - 1 to 7 Cells
  • Monitors battery voltage, current and temperature
  • Safe operation for Li-Ion and Li-Polymer batteries
  • Low power consumption


  • Adapter/Charger controller ICs
  • Safe operation for Li-Ion and PbA battery chargers
  • Auto-recharge function for Li-Ion battery
  • High accuracy voltage and current regulation